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Cyclo Maniacs 2

Cyclo Maniacs 2


Rating: 4.9
Take part in insane bicycle races and perform physics-defying stunts to stay ahead of your competition!

If you're a fan of racing games then you should check out Cyclo Maniacs 2

What's so special about this online game, you may ask? Cyclo Maniacs 2 is a super fun game with many tracks to race on and a ton of unlockable characters, add to it smooth and responsive controls and challenging gameplay and you have a solid game fit for any gamer. 

There are 5 areas where you can do your races, with 5 tracks each. each of these tracks has its own challenges to overcome as well as very skilled opponents who won't miss any chance to take the lead. It's up to you to use your skills to the max to outsmart them and make use of the terrain and your bike to be the first to reach the finish line.

In case your bike isn't as fast as you'd like it to be, you should know you can buy upgrades for it. If you're ready for some intense bicycle racing then click the Play button and let's go! Are you looking for more online games? Have you tried looking through our games categories? 

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  • 2D graphics
  • Many challenging levels to beat
  • Lots of unlockable characters
  • Upgrades
  • Easy to learn controls

Release Date: February 2022

Developer: Cyclo Maniacs 2 was developed by TurboNuke

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