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Disney Aladdin
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Disney Aladdin

Disney Aladdin


Rating: 4.1
Join Aladdin as he runs through the streets of Agrabah and do all you can to dodge the guards who are out to catch you!
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Hey there! Are you a fan of Disney's Aladdin? Have you ever wanted what's like to explore that fantastical world and take part in all kinds of adventures? If so then take a look at this platformer game

Disney Aladdin is a 2D retro game that you can play completely for free here on our website. You take control of Aladdin as you explore the busy streets of Agrabah. 

Do awesome and spectacular acrobatic moves as you try to get over obstacles and dodge the guards that are trying to catch you. There are several levels in this game that will take you to different locations, which you'll recognize from the animated movie. You'll be able to explore the desert, the rooftops of Agrabah, the palace dungeons, and the Cave of Miracles where the Magic Lamp is located. 

If you're ready to have some fun with this retro game then click the Play button and let's get going! 

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  • Good looking 2D retro graphics
  • Fun and challenging levels
  • Smooth animations
  • Plenty of locations to discover and explore
  • Easy to learn and play

Release Date: November 1993

Developer: Disney Aladdin was developed by Capcom

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