Disney's Alice In Wonderland
Disney's Alice In Wonderland
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Disney's Alice In Wonderland

Disney's Alice In Wonderland


Rating: 4.9
Experience the original Walt Dinsey's Alice in Wonderland video game completely for free here at!

Are you looking to play some free Disney games? Do you want to play a platformer game that's both fun and challenging at the same time? If that's so then you need to look no further! Here at, you can play Disney's Alice in Wonderland!
This is an original Game Boy game, released by Nintendo, and is based on the 1951 animated movie with the same name. The game received an overall score of 8 by IGN, with the final verdict being that it's a great game. Ok, sounds good, but what's the game about? In this online game, you control Alice. The game follows the story of the animated movie, with a few changes to better suit the gameplay needs. You'll have to navigate through the Wonderland while completing platforming levels and avoiding traps. Some levels focus on Alice's ability to shrink or grow. Some sections are only accessible when she's small. We won't spoil the game here, it's better that you experience it on your own. So whenever you're ready, click that Play button and let the adventure begin!
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  • Old school 2D graphics
  • More than 20 levels to play through
  • Secret levels
  • Easy to learn controls

Release Date: September 2000

Developer: Disney's Alice in Wonderland was developed by DIgital Eclipse Software

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