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Doomsday Hero

Doomsday Hero


Rating: 4.9
Test your survival skills with Doomsday Hero! Grab your gun and do your best to survive the zombie apocalypse!

It's time for a shooter game here at and what better choice than Doomsday Hero! In this game, you are faced with hordes of zombies ready to chew at you. Use your gun to make way for yourself as you run for safety. It's up to you and your survival skills to keep the hungry zombies at bay.
The gameplay of Doomsday Hero is fast-paced and fluid, which means you'll have a blast with this title. You'll have to aim and shoot quickly as the zombies surround you, but you can also jump on platforms and reach higher ground for a short break until you can regroup and resume the shooting. But don't be idle for too long, the zombies can reach you! The best course of action is to be on the move constantly, continuously evading and shooting.
This game is excellent for some quick shooting action and if you're a fan of online games you shouldn't miss this one out!
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  • Good-looking 2D graphics
  • Action-based and fast-paced gameplay
  • Easy to learn and play

Release Date: August 2021

Developer: Doomsday Hero was developed by Mad Buffer