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Dotto Botto

Dotto Botto


Rating: 4.9
Dotto Botto is a fun platformer game that you can play completely for FREE right here at Are you ready for an adventure?
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Are you looking to play a fun platformer game? If that's so then Dotto Botto should be on your list. This Mario-like game opens up with you flying a plane, but soon you crash. Now you find yourself stranded in a new land filled with platforms, enemies to avoid, and things to collect. Your task is to reach the end of the levels in one piece. Some areas are more difficult than others so make sure you collect the hearts, which give you an extra life. Right at first, the game might seem too easy, but that's just so you can get used to the controls, after that its difficulty rises gradually. The controls are responsive, the levels are well designed, so you're in for a nice gaming experience. So if you're looking for free games to play Dotto Botto should be your next choice. For even more free computer games head over to our games categories!
  • Good looking graphics
  • Fun and challenging gameplay
  • Easy to pick up and play

Release Date: November 2021

Developer: Dotto Botto was developed by Catom Games