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Drift Torque

Drift Torque


Rating: 4.1
Drift Torque is a car game where you get to drive awesome cars and perform spectacular drifts. Click play and test your driving and drifting skills!

Are you a race games player? Do you enjoy driving cars and performing drifts? If so then here at you can play Drift Torque, a cars game where you can do just that. In the beginning, you only have one car and one track unlocked for you and it's up to you to put your driving skills to the test and earn in-game points to unlock the rest of the cars and tracks. On each track of this racing game, you'll be competing against yourself by trying to score as many drifting points as you can on each lap. If you crash your car into the fences while drifting you will automatically fail that drift and will receive no points for it, so make sure to keep this in mind if you are performing really long drifts worth thousands of points. If you enjoyed Drift Torque and want to play other drift games or just more free games head over to our ever-growing games collection, we add new games every day, who knows, maybe your next favorite game is just a few clicks away!
  • Good looking 3D graphics
  • 10 Unlockable cars
  • Challenging levels
  • Easy to learn controls
  • Good looking environments

Release Date: April 2021

Developer: Drift Torque was developed by FUGames