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Elon Cars: Push And Drop

Elon Cars: Push And Drop


Rating: 4.2
If performing awesome physics-defying stunts is something you get excited about then you have to check out this game! Play it for free on our website!

Hey there! Are you looking for some awesome car games to play in your spare time? Well, if cars games for free sounds amazing then check out today's game: Elon Cars: Push and Drop

This online game will have you perform crazy car stunts and rake-up points for distance and destruction caused. You can use those points to upgrade your car or buy new ones. There are seven cars in this game. The first one is already unlocked for you and you can get the rest by spending the points you earned. Each car can be customized and upgraded so make sure you invest points into that for superior performance. 

There are currently two stages you can play on: The Docks and Hell Race, with the Ship stage coming soon. To unlock the Hell Race you'll need to accumulate a rather hefty amount of points. 

The gameplay and controls are quite simple and it won't take you long before you realize what you have to do. Basically, you have to get the speed and the orientation of the car right and then watch it causing mayhem. All you need to do is click the Power button at the right time and off you go! If you're ready to perform some cool-looking stunts click the Play button and let's see what you've got! 

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  • Good looking low poly 3D graphics
  • Upgradable and unlockable cars
  • Easy to learn controls

Release Date: April 2022

Developer: Elon Cars: Push and Drop was developed by Xlab Game Studio

#arcade#1 player#3d car#ability