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Free Rally

Free Rally


Rating: 4.3
Test drive different types of vehicles and see what they can really do with Free Rally right here at!

If you're looking for a car game where you can just drive, no nonsense, no unlocking cars, no checkpoints, just good old driving we've got you covered! Free Rally is exactly such a game. Simple, easy to learn, and lots of fun to play. Just enter a nickname, choose your vehicle, you can change it anytime, and that's it, you're ready to drive however and wherever you want. So did we peak your attention? Just click Play and let's go! If you enjoyed this car game and you're in the mood for even more free computer games check out our games categories! We have thousands of cool games and we add new ones every day!
  • 3D graphics
  • Fully unlocked cars
  • Easy to learn controls
  • Complete freedom, play however you want

Release Date: March 2019

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