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Fury Wars Online

Fury Wars Online


Rating: 4.9
Are you ready for some whacky online shooting battles? If so then make sure to try out Fury Wars Online!
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Welcome to Fury Wars Online, the ultimate action-packed shooting game that's perfect for kids who love free online games! With its cartoonish, cell-shaded 3D graphics and fast-paced gameplay, Fury Wars Online is sure to keep you on the edge of your seat.

In this shooting game, you'll play as the iconic and beloved Grumpy Cat, who throws gas cans that blow up to take down opponents from a distance. As you progress through the game, you'll unlock other characters with unique ways to attack, as well as a variety of weapons and upgrades to customize your gameplay experience.

Each match in Fury Wars Online is hectic, action-packed, and fast-paced. As you start off on a corner of the map alongside other players, you'll need to fight your way through the chaos to emerge victorious. With a variety of characters, weapons, and upgrades to choose from, there's never a dull moment in Fury Wars Online.

Fury Wars Online is one of the top shooting games available online, and it's completely unblocked so you can enjoy it anytime, anywhere without any restrictions. Whether you're playing alone or with friends, you're sure to have a blast in this whacky and unpredictable game.

So gather your friends, choose your favorite characters, and get ready to blast your way to victory in Fury Wars Online, the ultimate shooting game for kids who love free online games!


  • Very good looking 3D graphics
  • Lots of characters, weapons, and upgrades to unlock
  • Fast-paced gameplay
  • Easy to learn and play

Release Date: November 2022

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