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Rating: 4.9
It's time for a lesser-known classic game here on our website! Come and give Glover a try, it's free!

Are you a fan of platformer games online? Are you also interested in discovering unique and creative retro games that you can play online? If that's so, today we have a very interesting title for you to check out! 

Glover is a platformer game that's one of a kind. Really. There's no other similar game like Glover in the entire world. The gameplay, while obviously similar to other platformer games, has its own unique quirks that make Glover stand out from the crown. 

In this classic game, you control Glover, a white glove. Your main goal is to maneuver a ball throughout the levels and use it to complete various tasks. You don't have to use the ball all the time, as you have some unique movements like double jump, fist slam, and cartwheel that will help you in situations where the ball won't. You can roll the ball, bounce it and throw it to various objects and also use the ball as a trampoline. 

The levels are notoriously challenging and will require a good amount of hand-eye coordination on your part. The storyline is a little difficult to describe and it's better if you just experience it for yourself. So if you have a passion for old games, and you want a little challenge, go right ahead and give Glover a try! 

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  • Retro 3D graphics
  • Unique and interesting gameplay
  • Challenging levels
  • Save states
  • Customizable controls

Release Date: November 1998

Developer: Glover was developed by Interactive Studios

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