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Rating: 4.9
Gobble is a fun casual game that you can play completely for free right here on our website. Click Play and see just how much you can eat!

Gobble is a free online game that can be played directly in your internet browser. This casual game is perfect for those who love unblocked games and enjoy a good challenge.

In Gobble, you control a hole that looks like a mouth using your mouse. The objective is to eat every object on the level except humans, which can be quite tricky. You'll need to think critically and creatively to find ways to swallow the environment while leaving humans unharmed.

The first few levels are designed to be easy, allowing players to get used to the game and its mechanics. However, as you progress, the levels become more challenging and require more thinking on your part. With 60 fun levels to play through, this game is sure to keep you entertained for hours. Some of the levels are real brain teasers and will test your problem-solving skills.

If you're looking for a fun, thinking game, Gobble is a perfect choice. Play it now in your browser and see if you can solve all 60 levels!


  • 3D low poly graphics
  • 60 levels
  • Easy to play

Release Date: June 2021

Developer: Gobble was developed by Martin Magni

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