Halloween Spooky Roads 2
Halloween Spooky Roads 2
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Halloween Spooky Roads 2

Halloween Spooky Roads 2


Rating: 4.4
Enjoy the thrill of Halloween online with werewolf howls and zombies that will raise the hair on your spinal cord. And enjoy driving monster trucks.

Halloween is almost here if you want to have a blast online in the Halloween night try this spooky and frustrating monster truck survival game called Halloween Spooky Roads 2. Enjoy the thrill of Halloween online with werewolf howls and zombies that will raise the hair on your spinal cord only on Start playing the game and enjoy a very detailed graphics with awesome animations and sounds.
Select one of the four available modified trucks each one different in power, speed, coolness and nitro. And start roaming the twelve adrenaline pumping levels filled with explosive barrels, explosive pumping, traps, crates, ramps and the big saws. Improve your skills and be prepared for anything. Try to survive the most spooky and dangerous roads you have ever seen while you enjoy driving. The key in winning this Halloween games for kids is to collect the read barrels that are filled with fuel. And the orange candies that will provide income or gold at the end of each level. The more gold you have the more trucks you can buy and upgrades. Each car upgrade will improve the performance of the monster truck making the game more easily for you. Use the nitro wise and speed the trucks jumps over cliffs and saw killers. Master those 4x4 beastly wheels from this Halloween monster truck and become the coolest driver in the game.
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  • Detailed graphics with fun, captivating but frustrating game-play.
  • Four unique off road monster trucks available in the garage.
  • Test and drive 12 levels with spooky and dangerous roads.
  • Collect candy and buy new vehicles and upgrades to have more fun.
  • Awesome music and animations of wolves, spiders, pumpkins and more.
  • Pay attention to red barrel, boxes, explosive barrels, saws and many other obstacles.
  • Cool upgrades like: power, speed, nitro and coolness.

Release Date: October 2018

Developer: Halloween Spooky Roads 2 was developed by BrightestGames

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