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About the game

Heavy loader is a free online flash truck game, first you have to load all the objects on the truck using the crane, and transport them safety to finish. First level is just for training.If you like big cars you should play Heavy Loader, this is a unique tilty truck driving games, you won't find another one like it. In this game you are driving a big truck and this is not easy at all can you handle it? This game has it all, nice graphics, nice sound and a good game play. Heavy Loader is not you average driving game, you will have to do more than just drive. The first thing you must do in this game is to load your truck, for this you will have to control the crane and pick up your load using the Ctrl button and place on your truck. After your truck is loaded you will have to drive to the unloading duck as fast as you can without losing your load and then you will have to be careful and unload.Playing this game is every child's dream, do you have what it takes to drive this big car?

  •  Move/drive
     Lift object
     Release object

big trucks crane driving trailer trucks

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