Horror Tale 2: Samantha
Horror Tale 2: Samantha
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Horror Tale 2: Samantha

Horror Tale 2: Samantha


Rating: 3.8
The story of Tommy and the masked maniac continues with this sequel. Are you ready for a bone-chilling game?

Are you ready to be transported to a world of horror and suspense once again? Then look no further than Horror Tale 2: Samantha, the spine-chilling sequel to the popular online horror game Horror Tale: Kidnapper. This time, you'll encounter the mad maniac in a rabbit mask once again, but now he's captured Tommy and brought him to his dungeon in Lakewitch.

As you help Tommy escape his confinement, you'll be plunged into an intense and terrifying adventure that will keep you on the edge of your seat. Just like the first game, Horror Tale 2: Samantha combines horror and stealth gameplay elements to create an unforgettable experience that's perfect for fans of scary games.

With its stunning graphics, eerie sound effects, and intense gameplay, Horror Tale 2: Samantha is the ultimate horror game online. As you explore the world of Lakewitch, you'll need to use all your skills to evade the rabbit maniac and uncover his dark secrets. You'll also encounter a girl named Samantha who has her own story to tell - could she hold the key to unlocking the mystery of the rabbit maniac's powers?

From dark dungeons to abandoned cells, Horror Tale 2: Samantha is a bone-chilling adventure that will test your nerves and keep you engaged for hours. Will you be able to outsmart the rabbit maniac and save Tommy and Samantha? Play Horror Tale 2: Samantha today and find out if you have what it takes to survive!

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  • Good-looking 3D graphics
  • Interesting and captivating storyline
  • Eerie atmosphere
  • Easy-to-learn controls

Release Date: February 2023

Developer: Horror Tale 2: Samantha was developed by Euphoria Games

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