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Hunter Hitman

Hunter Hitman


Rating: 4.9
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Hunter Hitman is one of the best stealth games available to play for free online. This browser game provides a top-down view of the game world and you can control your character using your mouse. The objective of this stealth game is to play as a skilled hitman who is sent into war zones to clear areas of threats. As soon as each level begins, you will have to figure out ways to reach your targets without being seen and eliminate them.

This online stealth game starts with easy levels so you can get used to the gameplay, but as you progress, the levels will become more challenging. Hunter Hitman provides a unique experience for those who enjoy stealth games online or on PC. The game requires you to use your problem-solving skills to take out your targets and complete each level.

One of the most exciting features of Hunter Hitman is the skill cards that you can unlock while playing. These cards allow you to upgrade your character's skills by combining three of the same kind. With each new skill card, you can become more powerful and take on tougher challenges.

Overall, Hunter Hitman is a fun and challenging stealth game that is perfect for players who enjoy free online games. It provides a unique experience that keeps you engaged and motivated to progress further. So, if you are a fan of stealth games, be sure to check out Hunter Hitman today!

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  • 2D graphics
  • Fun and engaging gameplay
  • Upgradable character
  • The controls are easy to learn

Release Date: February 2023

Developer: Hunter Hitman was developed by MarketJS

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