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Hydro Storm 2

Hydro Storm 2


Rating: 4.9
Hop on your jetski and get ready for some epic water racing with Hydro Storm 2! Get rid of your opponents as you make your way to the finish line!

Are you a fan of racing games? Do you like to take part in epic action-packed races that will keep you at the edge of your seat? For those of you who answered YES, we have such a game: Hydro Storm 2!
In this jet sky racing game, you will take part in some really unusual races. You'll have to outrun your opponents while collecting power-ups for your gun and avoiding explosive mines. The race tracks are fun and challenging keeping the gameplay interesting and enjoyable, it does take a few minutes to get used to the game at first, but after that is smooth sailing all the way to the finish line. There are three jet skis you can choose from, all of them are unlocked and different from each other. Try them all and see which one suits your playstyle best! That being said, are you ready for a racing game? Click Play and let's go!
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  • 3D graphics
  • Destructible objects
  • Guns
  • Power-ups
  • Non-stop action 
  • Easy to pick up and play

Release Date: October 2021

Developer: Hydro Storm 2 was developed by Xform