Jump Into The Plane
Jump Into The Plane
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Jump Into The Plane

Jump Into The Plane


Rating: 4.9
Are you a good driver? Do you have the skills to perform crazy stunts and jump off ramps? If that's so, click Play and show us what you can do!

Looking for a Car Game to Play?

Well, we've got just the thing for you! It's called Jump into the Plane, and it's one of the coolest driving games unblocked for kids.

An Exciting Stunt Game for PC

Get ready for an awesome adventure in this stunt game for PC that's totally free online games for kids in the Unblocked66 Games category.

A Thrilling Adventure Awaits!

Have you ever been in a situation where you're running a bit late for a flight and need extra time to find a parking spot and finish some paperwork? Maybe you've wondered, "Can I drive my car onto an airplane?" Well, let us introduce you to the super exciting world of Jump into the Plane! You can turn this crazy idea into a fun adventure!

Zooming and Soaring!

Imagine putting a big rocket on your car and zooming towards a flying airplane with all your might. Jump into the Plane has lots of exciting levels, each with a different challenge. You have to be really precise as you try to land your car safely on the airplane while it's flying high in the sky.

Collect Coins and Customize Your Ride

Buckle up, get ready for an awesome ride, press the gas pedal, and shoot off the ramp with tons of energy. Collect coins along the way to make your car even cooler. You can use the coins to make your car better and unlock other cool cars that are even more amazing.

Explore Diverse Locations

Travel through all sorts of different places, break things, and leave your mark as a super skilled pilot. It's an adventure like no other, where you get to do daring stunts and achieve awesome things!


  • 3D graphics
  • Unlockable vehicles
  • Upgrades for your vehicles
  • Easy to play

Release Date: July 2023

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