Life On Mars
Life On Mars
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Life On Mars

Life On Mars


Rating: 4.9
Explore the desolate landscapes of the red planet and try your best to survive its harsh conditions!

Have you ever wondered what would be like to explore the surface of planet Mars? Do you wonder sometimes what mysteries could be laying ahead an explorer brave enough to tackle such a daunting task? 

Life on Mars is a driving game for pc that may have some answers for you. You start as a somewhat simple cube. You can move, but that's about it. You can go ahead and explore the area, collecting batteries on your way to replenish your energy. If you look around carefully you will find upgrades that will aid your exploration efforts. The Jumping upgrade is quite useful. You can use it to reach the wheels upgrade which will make you move a lot faster and easier through the environment. Continue to push forward and find more upgrades and batteries which will make your exploration a lot easier. 

Life on Mars is an excellent game, its stylized graphics and convincing atmosphere make for an experience you shouldn't miss! 

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  • Good-looking stylized 3D graphics
  • Huge area to explore
  • Upgrades
  • Easy to learn controls

Release Date: April 2022

Developer: Life on Mars was developed by Mathieu Houllier and Romain Gremmo

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