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Lost In The Maze

Lost In The Maze


Rating: 4.9
Can you escape these challenging mazes? Or will the time run out before you do? Find out here at!

Are you up for a fun game that's just perfect for you to play in your break time? Lost in the Maze is a maze game where you must find your way out of a maze. But here's the trick: right at the beginning of the level, you have no idea what the maze you're lost in looks like. You'll have to walk around and as you do, the maze will slowly reveal itself to you. 

The first level is just an easy maze, so you can figure out the controls and how to play the game. It does get more difficult as you progress. You'll have a time limit, and you'll have to discover all the maze before the time's up. Later on, you'll also encounter enemies, which, since you cannot fight, you'll have to avoid. 

While Lost in the Maze is in essence a light puzzle, it's not exactly a brain game. The levels are not very difficult to solve, they have just the right amount of challenge, and it's the perfect game for whenever you have some free time on your hands. If you're ready to solve mazes and have some fun while doing it then go ahead and click the Play button, the time's ticking! 

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  • Simple and clean 3D graphics
  • Beautiful art style
  • Easy to learn controls

Release Date: May 2022

Developer: Lost in the Maze was developed by DevDude

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