Mad Car Racing
Mad Car Racing
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Mad Car Racing

Mad Car Racing


Rating: 4.3
Explore nice looking landscapes filled with sand, mountains and twisted roads with deadly ramps of 360 degree while competing for first place.

Are you ready to get your high dose of adrenaline pumping with this intense 3D racing game called Mad Car Racing? Click to play now live online Mad Car Racing on VitalityGames and explore one obnoxious Apocalyptic world place in the sky?
Explore nice-looking landscapes filled with sand, mountains, and twisted roads with deadly ramps of 360 degrees. Unlock the four available cars from the game and test them at high speed over dangerous roads. Use the arrow keys to drive and balance the cars through the levels. Use the nitro and rev the engines to the maxim speed to be able to overcome your rivals and finish in the first place. Drive apocalyptic 4x4 trucks and muscle cars through the beautiful colored levels. Make sure you win first place to unlock more levels and earn money to buy better cars. The amount of money earned will depend on which place you qualify at the end of each level.
Always use the nitro to keep up with the cars and if you crash your car, to be able to get back in the race. Nitro will automatically recharge in a few seconds and you can use it to jump over the large pits. Use the R button to restart or reset the car fast if you die to get back in the race as fast as possible. And improve your driving skills to be the king of the road. If you enjoyed this fun car racing game make sure you try other similar 3D racing games like We Happy Racing and Cartoon Mini Racing. Good luck and have fun driving!

  • A nice challenging 3D Car racing game with an Apocalyptic theme.
  • Cool realistic controls and highly detailed graphics.
  • 10 beautiful and hard to overcome levels.
  • Test and drive the 4 different types of cars in the game.
  • Tough obstacles filled with ramps, pits, twisted roads, and many more.
  • Awesome physics, sounds, and animations.
  • Easy and fun to play.
More Information About Mad Car Racing
It is fun to play an Apocalyptic survival racing game with addicting and captivating game-play. Mad Car Racing can be played online for free on Mad Car Racing is developed with WebGL technology allowing it to work perfectly in all modern browsers. If you enjoyed the Mad Car Racing game you may also like 4x4 Off-Road Racing and 3D Car City Racing games. Have fun!
Video Instruction and Youtube game-play.

Release Date: January 2019

Developer: Mad Car Racing was developed by BrightestGames

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