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Magic Wood Lumberjack

Magic Wood Lumberjack


Rating: 4.6
Play a fun three cutting game online with Vikings, swords, and powerful axes in this epic Magic Wood Lumberjack games for free on

Play a fun skill tree cutting game with Vikings online on in Magic Wood Lumberjack game. Where you must be fast to chop the trees, sell them, and buy upgrades to improve the power of your worker! There are different types of trees as you will see the shapes may look the same but the colors indicate how hard you must slash and hit one tree to get it down. The further you go the more expensive trees you get. You can also find magical golden trees that contain bonuses so focus always on cutting them down to get more speed or damage for your Viking worker. Don't forget to return and sell the wood for your fast-paced progression and the shop from the bottom of the game interface. Then upgrade the power and the damage of the worker to cut tress more easily. If you like this online viking game make sure you play other games like Mighty Viking, and Vikings Aggression. Have fun!

Controls in Magic Wood Lumberjack
Use arrow keys or W, A, S, D to move and the left mouse button to chop the trees.

Release Date: February 2021

Developer: Magic Wood Lumberjack was developed by PulseNova

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