Midnight Remastered
Midnight Remastered
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Midnight Remastered

Midnight Remastered


Rating: 4.9
Midnight Remastered is a 2D horror game with pixel graphics and a very atmospheric soundtrack.

Are you a horror games enthusiast? If so this game will be right up your alley. Midnight Remastered is a 2D horror game full of mysteries. Your main goal is to collect seven letters that are scattered across a dark mansion. You have a candle to light your way, but be careful because the candle will go out leaving you defenseless in the darkness. So besides looking for the letters you must also make a high priority of finding matches. Do you think you can survive Midnight? Click Play and let's find out!

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  • Good looking pixel graphics
  • Atmospheric soundtrack
  • Thrilling storyline

Release Date: May 2019

Developer: Midnight Remastered was developed by Mad Jackal Games