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Monster Shooter

Monster Shooter


Rating: 3.5
Are you ready to put your shooting skills to the test? Are you a skilled enough gun slinger to survive this encounter? Come and find out!

We add only the best shooting games unblocked here on and today's title is no exception! If you are a fan of free shooting games and you want to also try your hand at some scary games you should know that today's game combines both into an intense shooting experience. 

Monster Shooter is a horror game online that will keep you on the edge of your seat. The moment the game starts you are on your own. There are no backups, no teammates, and the only things you can rely upon are your guns. And better make sure they're loaded and ready because you'll need them. You only have a few seconds to take in the desolate view that lays before you, as you'll soon be swarmed by hungry zombies and monsters. And far away, through the mist, you can distinguish a weird shape that's awkwardly making its way towards you, increasing in size the more it approaches: it's Sirenhead! What will you do now? Will your weapons be enough to ensure your survival? Do you have enough bullets for all the creatures surrounding you? Click Play and find out!


  • 3D graphics
  • Scary monsters and zombies
  • Chilling atmosphere
  • Intuitive controls

Release Date: January 2022

Developer: Monster Shooter was developed by GoGoMan

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