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Nba Hoop Troop
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Nba Hoop Troop

Nba Hoop Troop


Rating: 4.1
NBA Hoop Troop it's a new sports championship 3D game where you compete with other teams in the Olympic basketball game.

NBA Hoop Troop it's a new sports championship game made in 3D where you compete with other teams in the Olympic basketball games. When playing the game try to pass the ball as much and as you can and score as many points to ensure your team's victory. NBA Hoop Troop is a reasonable b-ball match test system game. Play a solitary player or 2 player ball in a great 3D climate. Very fun and somewhat simple to learn. Pick one of the authority NBA groups and play on three unique courts (field, housetop, oceanside). Attempt to win whatever number matches as would be prudent and turn into the expert of the NBA Hoop Troop slam game

Pick your group and participate in testing matches, each enduring 2 minutes. The game has three fundamental modes in single-player mode. At the point when you select the single-player mode, you have a decision of the competition, irregular match, and practice. In competition mode, you will play against various groups and advance in the leaderboard to arrive at the finals and become the champ. In Random mode, you will play against the PC and just the most experienced player wins. Practice mode is intended for learning the game. Here you play alone and can toss the ball into the two rings.

Perform as many tricks and impress your audience. Have fun and improve your basketball skills in becoming the ultimate sports player from this new 3d NBA Hoop Troop game. Good luck and have fun!


  • Good looking 2D graphics
  • Fun and competitive gameplay
  • 2 player mode
  • Easy to learn controls

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