Night City Racing
Night City Racing
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Night City Racing

Night City Racing


Rating: 4.1
Play Night City Racing completely for free here at and become a racing champion!

Are you looking for some awesome car games to play? Is your search history filled with terms such as " car games unblocked", "car games free" and others similar to these? Then you're in the right place because here on our website you can play Night City Racing

Night City Racing is a car racing game where you get to drive some of the best-looking cars in the world and take part in intense car races that will keep you at the edge of your seat! 

Explore all the game modes this 3D car game has to offer: Racing, Challenge, and Free Drive. Each of these modes is unique and comes with its own challenges. 

Unlock all 10 cars and become the best driver the world has ever seen! Sharp turns, split-second decisions and the sound of the cars' engines are what make this game a great experience. And if you don't like driving alone, you can invite a friend over and play against them using the 2 Player Mode. So what do you say? are you ready for some driving? Then get behind the wheel, and rev your engine because the race is about to start!


  • Good looking 3D graphics
  • Great looking car models
  • 10 Unlockable cars
  • 2 Player split-screen mode
  • Easy to learn controls

Release Date: May 2022

Developer: Night City Racing was developed by RHM Interactive

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