Off-Road Rain: Cargo Simulator
Off-Road Rain: Cargo Simulator
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Off-Road Rain: Cargo Simulator

Off-Road Rain: Cargo Simulator


Rating: 4.3
This new cargo delivery simulator game called Off-Road Rain: Cargo Simulator is a free to play game which offers a sensational gameplay.

Off-Road Rain: Cargo Simulator is a new 3D driving game. Your job is to get in your vehicle and drive it through difficult terrain and weather conditions while keeping the cargo intact. As you progress through the game you will unlock another two vehicles. In order to complete the game flawlessly, you must be patient, use your skills, and not give up easily. There are 30 levels in which you will improve your driving skills, you will see mountains, rivers, and plains but you must also keep your eyes on the goods you're transporting. Do you think you have the skills to finish this game with a perfect score?
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  • Good looking graphics
  • Realistic cars
  • Challenging environment
  • 30 levels to explore

Release Date: June 2019

Developer: Off-Road Rain: Cargo Simulator was developed by BrightestGames

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