One Piece - Grand Battle
One Piece - Grand Battle
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One Piece - Grand Battle

One Piece - Grand Battle


Rating: 4.9
Step into the world of Monkey D. Luffy with One Piece - Grand Battle! Play this awesome fighting game for free right here at!

Are you a fan of the One Piece anime series? Or perhaps you follow the manga more closely? If you are a fan of this franchise you probably know that there are many One Piece games released over the years. Today, here at you can play an awesome fighting game set in the One Piece universe. 

One Piece - Grand Battle is one of those retro fighting games that will keep you hooked. Released back in 2001, this video game is still fondly remembered by gamers even today. Choose your fighter from a selection of characters that appear both in the anime and manga, select an arena and then get ready to scrap! 

Each character has crazy fighting moves just as you saw in the show. Objects laying around the stage can be used to hit enemies as well. The graphics are old, but they are still charming. There's something about the old chunky Playstation 1 graphics that make them so endearing, and this game is no exception. 

The fighting animations are fluid and the characters move smoothly. Each fighting arena has been recreated in rich detail and they look great even today due to the stylized art style of the graphics. If you consider yourself a retro gamer and a fan of the series then One Piece - Grand Battle is a great game for you to try out! 

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  • Charming 3D retro graphics
  • Fluid animations
  • Detailed environments
  • Stylized art style
  • Crazy fighting moves
  • Easy to learn, hard to master
  • Customizable controls

Release Date: March 2001

Developer: One Piece - Grand Battle was developed by Ganbarion

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