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Orc Attack
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Orc Attack

Orc Attack


Rating: 4.9
Test your strategic skills with Orc Attack and see for how long can you resist the Orc invasion!

Play online this new upcoming game movie with orc and elves here on And step into the shoes of some characters from the movie The Hobbit as Legolas, Tauriel, or Bard, and get ready for a great adventure.

Orc Attack is an internet-based procedure game in which you safeguard your palace in a dreamland, where various orcs battle factions against a tribe. The Great War of Orcs starts! Diverse orc countries send their powers to the war zone to vanquish the grounds of other orcs. The main rule of the fight is whoever loses their palace initially loses the fight.

You can play the game all around the world on the web. You can work on the qualities of your warriors utilizing the coins you acquire on the front lines, and you can battle more grounded rivals. Past your own protection, you can likewise assault your rivals so they can't barrage you first.

Defend yourself from attack by hordes of evil orcs using bows and arrows. Aim and shoot your enemies and do not leave any standing. Good luck!


  • Colorful 2D graphics
  • Intense gameplay
  • Requires strategic thinking
  • Upgradable troops
  • Easy to learn but hard to master

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