Penn Zero: Zap Trap
Penn Zero: Zap Trap
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Penn Zero: Zap Trap

Penn Zero: Zap Trap


Rating: 4.9
Join Penn Zero, the part-time hero in this awesome adventure completely for free right here at!

Do you like to play online shooting games for free? Are you looking for a shooter game that's whacky fun and creative? If so then oh boy, do we have an awesome unblocked shooter game for you: Penn Zero: Zap Trap

In case you don't know who Penn Zero is, he is a part-time hero that goes around through various dimensions, saving the day with the help of his friends Boone and Sashi. 

Right at the beginning of the game, Penn learns that the device he uses to travel through dimensions has broken, and he must do more missions. Right after that, you take control of Penn and the game starts. 

The first level is easy, its purpose being to teach you the basics of the game, how you move and shoot. After you got the hang of it you are thrown right into the action. You will visit some whacky worlds, fighting off all kinds of enemies, the main goal being to defeat your enemies before they get the chance to do the same to you. 

The game art style looks great and the animations are smooth offering a great experience. So if you're looking for some cool gun games and you're ready for an unusual adventure, click the Play button and join the Penn in his quests! 

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  1. Good looking 2D graphics
  2. Creative enemy design
  3. Fast-paced gameplay
  4. Easy to learn controls

Release Date: June 2021

Developer: Penn Zero: Zap Trap was developed by Disney

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