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Plane Racing Madness

Plane Racing Madness


Rating: 4.5
Plane Racing Madness is an awesome-looking plane game that you can play for free right here on our website!

Do you like racing games? Are you looking for a racing game that's different? Well then, you have just found it! 

Plane Racing Madness is a plane game with gorgeous graphics where you'll race other planes through the sky. There are 8 planes you can control in this game. The first 2 are already unlocked for you and you can get the rest by using the money you earn while playing. 

And then there are game modes, and oh boy there are plenty of them! You get Solo Mode, which is split into another 3 modes: Championship, Arcade, and Time Trial. And then there's the Versus Mode, which is actually the 2 player mode, which is split into 2 other modes: Championship and Arcade. Each mode has a little description appearing when you hover your mouse over them so you know exactly what is going on. In the two player mode, you can play against a friend, using the same PC. 

The controls are responsive which makes the races feel super intense when you are flying your plane through tight places. The level design is expertly done. It keeps the gameplay fresh and challenging, requiring good hand-eye coordination while also not being impossibly difficult. It's a great balance only a few games can achieve. So if you like plane games, and you just can' wait to soar through the skies and show off what a great pilot you are, just go ahead and click the Play button, the races are about to start! Even if you like planes or not, the fact that you don't get to see many plane games unblocked of such quality as Plane Racing Madness is just one more reason to give it a try!

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  • Great looking 3D graphics
  • Detailed environments
  • Challenging level design
  • Split-screen 2-player mode
  • Unlockable planes
  • Plenty of game modes
  • Easy to learn controls

Release Date: July 2022

Developer: Plane Racing Madness was developed by TastyCherryGames

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