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Rating: 4.9
Pumpkin Panic is a cute farming simulator game with a cozy atmosphere where you can grow your crops. Or is it?
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Pumpkin Panic: A Spooky Farming Adventure

If you loved Stardew Valley but want a spooky twist, Pumpkin Panic is the game for you! Created by Bilalaika, this fun farm game starts as a simple farming simulator. You can grow and sell up to five different types of seeds while enjoying a beautiful art style that looks like paper dolls and pop-up books. But be ready, because the peaceful farm life quickly turns into one of the best horror games around!

Discover the Secrets of Your Haunted Farm

You play as a pumpkin-faced character who wakes up with the help of a friendly tutorial Crow. You start with a tiny one-room house, a fenced yard, four locked garden plots, a well, a dock with a broken boat, and one open plot where you can plant your first seeds. As you begin your farming journey, you'll discover the dark secrets hiding around your farm, making it a thrilling and spooky experience. For fans of scary games online, Pumpkin Panic is a must-play!

A Perfect Blend of Fun and Fright

Pumpkin Panic mixes the fun of farm life with the excitement of a spooky adventure. The game's charming art style and surprising twists will keep you entertained and on your toes. Jump into Pumpkin Panic, one of the best free horror games, and see if you can uncover the mysteries of your spooky farm!


  • Stylized graphics
  • Cozy atmosphere
  • Easy to learn and play

Release Date: June 2024

Developer: Pumpkin Panic was developed by Bilalaika

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