RoboCop Versus The Terminator
RoboCop Versus The Terminator
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RoboCop Versus The Terminator

RoboCop Versus The Terminator


Rating: 4.9
RoboCop Versus The Terminator is finally here at! Try out this amazing retro game for yourself, completely for free!
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It's time for a retro game here on our website and what better game to play today than this old-school classic: RoboCop Versus The Terminator

This online game is based on the RoboCop and Terminator franchises, which are two characters that appeared in two different films in the 80s. This game was released on numerous platforms but the version that you can play here is the SEGA version. Released in 1994 this game just oozes that retro old school vibes. 

The graphics, even though 2D still looks great, the pixel art used here has still got it's charm and appeal. The level design is also as classic as it can get, with platforms and enemies at different heights that you will have to find ways to deal with them. 

Being an old game, it also means its gameplay is challenging. You will need to have a fast reaction time and precision when it comes to dealing with enemies. Some of them are smarter than the others and will hide in the shadows, waiting for you to approach, and you cannot shoot them while they're hidden. 

There are many more things for you to discover in this old school game, but one thing's for sure: you're going to have a blast with this one! 

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  • Good looking 2D retro graphics
  • Challenging gameplay
  • The controls are easy to learn and they are customizable as well
  • Various filters you can apply to a real retro look

Release Date: May 1994

Developer: RoboCop Versus The Terminator was developed by Virgin Games USA

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