Rumble Arena
Rumble Arena
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Rumble Arena

Rumble Arena


Rating: 4.9
Enter the arena to rumble against all possible enemies, kicking them off the selected scenario using special powers and your weapon

Are you ready for an action-packed game that will keep you at the edge of your seat? In Rumble Arena, you can choose between four heroes: Spartacus, Thor, Wukong Jr, and Cupid. You can also choose the game mode you wish to play: Mission or Survival.
Get ready to fight other heroes and throw them off the platforms. Make sure you learn all the moves of the hero you choose so you stand a chance against your opponents. So if you're up for a challenge hit that Play button and let's go!
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  • Stylized 3D graphics
  • Action-packed gameplay
  • Easy to learn controls

Release Date: November 2016

Developer: Rumble Arena was developed by

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