Scrap Metal 2
Scrap Metal 2
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Scrap Metal 2

Scrap Metal 2


Rating: 4.4
The coolest cars in the game are represented online. Forget about everything in the world, plunging into the world of cars, speed, and drift.

Scrap Metal 2 is one of the coolest and most reasonable games with excellent 3D designs. You need to drive one of 6 unique vehicles to browse and attempt to crush them to bits. Might you want to participate in the genuine obliteration of vehicles? Then, at that point, you've come to the ideal location. The test site will be a huge sandy field with various deterrents and trick offices. The accompanying vehicles are accessible for choice: Ford Mustang, Ford Fiesta, Nissan GT-R, Pagani, Mini Cooper, and Jeep Cherokee. Every one of the vehicles has exceptional attributes, some speed up rapidly, and some have great cross-country capacity and ground leeway. 

You can drive every one of these vehicles and test them for passing impediments and bouncing from trampolines. Dodge and Chevrolet, Audi and Nissan, and the legendary Ferrari in the management of the player. To test the cars not only on speed but also on strength, Landscape scene to your liking, using the proposed jumps in the inventory. Even with the possibility to arrange a hunt for a running man. Or, billiards, cue, instead of using his wheelbarrow. Check the cars for resistance to shock, and arrange for each model a test drive. Come up with its own rules.


  • 3D graphics
  • Huge map
  • Lots of cars you can drive
  • Simple controls

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