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Silly Snakes

Silly Snakes


Rating: 3.8
Play epic fun games online and become the longest, toughest snake while battling other players around the world in an epic multiplayer games.

Play the latest and the most fun snake games and multiplayer games online for free on Click this epic fun .io game called Silly Snakes. Where in all the similar .io arena game you must collect stuff in this game you must eat to grow and be the longest and the strongest one in the game.
Other cool feature or thinks in the Silly Snakes are the simple controls and game play, the faster you eat the longer you grow and become the bigger snake in the playing area. Collect the glowing dots as fast as possible without getting eaten by the large snakes. Try to eat or run over smaller snakes than your current length and size.Each snake after is death will leave a trace of glowing gatherer food from his body.. that you can collect it before it disappears and grow faster. Another interesting feature of the game is that you can move super quick by using this however but you will decrease in length as a result. So try to use it only if is necessary!! Enjoy have fun with this epic arena snake game and play the game in full screen mode here on Vitalitygames, watch the video walkthrough and become the best payer online! Good luck!
Release Date
May 2018
Muhammad Shahab developed Silly Snakes.
  • Funny snakes with different expressions to use
  • Use the speed or the boost to escape the others snakes.
  • You can see the current mass
  • Challenging and frustrating but addicting game.
  • Easy and fun to play.

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