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Snow Rider 3D

Snow Rider 3D


Rating: 4.2
Snow Rider 3D is a sleigh simulator that lets you slide down the hill avoiding trees and rocks while collecting presents.

Hey, there are snow games lovers! Christmas is here and we here at have prepared an exciting game for you to play. Snow Rider 3D is a simulator game that you're going to enjoy. You start on a sleigh and you must go as far as possible while avoiding trees, rocks, and other obstacles.

Snow Rider 3D is one practical sled driving game that will make your heart siphon hard. Go downhill and stay away from every one of the snags ahead. Gather every one of the gifts that will be coming. Utilize the presents in buying every one of the sleds. Play now and experience the invigorating ride!

The game at present offers beyond what 10 pleasant sleds that you can open utilizing gifts. Make sure to leap over and try not to hit any hindrances. You can provoke your loved ones to can win the best score. This game will most likely test your speed, precision, to your eye and hands coordination.

There are presents along the way that you can collect. Even if the game has low poly graphics that doesn't mean the game won't keep you on the edge of your seat with its realistic controls. As you play you can unlock more than 10 sleighs you can use in your snow adventure. Are you ready for this fun sleigh simulator?


  • 3D low poly graphics
  • Fun and challenging gameplay
  • Easy to learn and responsive controls
  • Unlockable sleighs

Developer: Snow Rider 3D was developed by New Gamer

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