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Spartacus Arena

Spartacus Arena


Rating: 3.8
Spartacus Arena is a 3D online fighting game where you must survive an arena full of warriors. Do you think you have what it takes to be the winner?

Do you like gladiators? Have you ever played a gladiator game where you must face lots of warriors at the same time? Spartacus Arena is such a game. In this gladiator game, you'll have to equip your weapon and walk out into the fighting arena to face off other warriors that want to win just as much as you do. You'll have to mix your attacks and blocks combo to make sure you deal damage while taking none. Your opponents will be fierce and if you don't pay attention they'll have you surrounded in no time, so make sure you're always on the move and plat your every fight carefully. The battle arena is challenging so make sure you pay attention to what your opponents are doing. If you liked Spartacus Arena and want to play more free games check out our other games, maybe your next favorite game is just a few clicks away!
  • 3D graphics
  • Action-packed gameplay
  • 2 fighting arenas

Release Date: March 2020

Developer: Spartacus Arena was developed by No Branding

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