Squid Game: All Rounds
Squid Game: All Rounds
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Squid Game: All Rounds

Squid Game: All Rounds


Rating: 4.1
Play all of the games from the acclaimed series Squid Game with Squid Game: All Rounds for FREE here at!

Squid Game is a worldwide phenomenon by now and many online games have tried to replicate parts of it but none of them have managed to do it like today's title. In Squid Game: All Rounds, an intense survival game, you can play through more than just the Red Light Green Light. In addition to that well-known game mode, you can also play Honey Comb, Tug of War, Marbles, and a few more. Each of these games is unique and will be instantly recognizable for the fans of the show. So get ready to use your survival skills and win the Squid Game. Do you think you have the guts to win each of these game modes? Then click the Play button and let's see how far can you get!
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  • 3D graphics
  • Diverse gameplay
  • Lots of game modes inspired by the show
  • Easy to pick up and play

Release Date: November 2021

Developer: Squid Game: All Rounds was developed by Play-games

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