Steven Universe Heap Of Trouble
Steven Universe Heap Of Trouble
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Steven Universe Heap Of Trouble

Steven Universe Heap Of Trouble


Rating: 4.9
Steven is cleaning his room and he needs your help! Can you help him fit all his things into boxes before his room gets too crowded?

Steven Univers is back here at with a new game for you! Steven Universe Heap of Trouble is a clean up game for kids that's way more fun than it actually sounds. 

Steven's room is getting too crowded, and he must clean his room before things get out of hand. Here's where you come into play! You can help steven pick up things and organize them in boxes. But here's the catch! You have to do that quickly because new objects will be coming in, and if you do not pack them away in time soon there'll be no room left to move. 

The gameplay is similar to a Tetris game, to an extent, but only when it comes to fitting the objects into the boxes. If you think you have the skills and the speed to help Steven clear his room, then come over and help him out! He really needs it! 

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  • Good looking 2D graphics
  • Fast-paced gameplay
  • Easy to learn controls

Release Date: May 2022

Developer: Steven Universe Heap of Trouble was developed by Cartoon Network

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