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Taxi Racer
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Taxi Racer

Taxi Racer


Rating: 4.2
Experience a day in the life of a taxi driver and make sure your clients get where they need to be safely and in a timely manner!

Have you ever wondered what is it like to be a taxi driver? Taxi Racer is here to answer your questions! But this is not just a simple taxi game online! There are plenty of things to do in this car game. 

Taxi Racer has four game modes: Taxi, Free Riding, Sprint, and Drag Racing. Each of these names is self-explanatory, and probably you already figured out what they're all about. Like any other car game online, this one has unlockable cars that you can buy with the money you earn while playing the game. How many unlockable cars, you may ask? No less than eleven unique cars! Of course, the first one is already unlocked and ready at the start of the game. So if you've been looking for some car games for kids make sure you give Taxi Racer a try! For even more car games to play head over to our games categories!


  • 3D graphics
  • Unlockable cars
  • 4 game modes
  • Easy to play

Release Date: September 2022

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