The Fate Of The Bombiwa
The Fate Of The Bombiwa
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The Fate Of The Bombiwa

The Fate Of The Bombiwa


Rating: 4.2
Step into the magical land of Hyrule with this The Legend of Zelda fan-made mod! Play it for free directly in your browser here on our website!

Hey there! Today we have a special game for you here at It's Legend of Zelda! It's not one of the main entries of the series, but a game made by fans. Yes, that's right! Not only big companies can make video games. In fact, a lot of free online games, such as today's game, are made by fans. 

The Legend of Zelda: The Fate of the Bombiwa is a fan-made mod built on the original Zelda game The Ocarina of Time. The game's around two hours and twenty minutes long and adds new dungeons and puzzles to solve as well as a nice little story to follow. The game focuses on exploration, so make sure you look around you well, as there'll be plenty of secrets and hidden doors to uncover. 

The Fate of the Bombiwa is perfect for adventure games lovers out there, and if you want a game that's cleverly designed and tons of fun to play, you must really give it a try! 

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  • Original 3D graphics from the Ocarina of Time game
  • Clever puzzles to solve
  • New challenging levels to explore
  • Proper retro vibes
  • The controls are a little difficult to get used to, but they are customizable and you can remap every key to whatever you want

Release Date: April 2022

Developer: The Fate of the Bombiwa was developed by DezZival

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