TMNT: Collect & Conquer
TMNT: Collect & Conquer
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TMNT: Collect & Conquer

TMNT: Collect & Conquer


Rating: 4.3
Play as your favorite Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle and defeat all of your enemies as you complete dangerous missions!

Choose between Leonardo (named after Leonardo Da Vinci) - Blue, Donatello (named after Donato di Niccolò di Betto Bardi) - Purple, Michelangelo (named after Michelangelo di Lodovico Buonarroti Simoni) - Orange, and the last Raphael (named after Raphael Sanzio) - Red and collect the mutagen and conquer the Kraang!

In Collect and Conquer you can play as your favorite Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle. Before time's up gather all the mutagen and beat down the Kraang that block your path.

It's time you go on an extraordinary adventure with the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles of Nickelodeon!

Assuming you love games that include running, robots, gathering objects, and running you're going to love this game. You will initially need to pick one of the four turtles, and afterward, you will pick one of the three levels, however, at the beginning of the game, just two are accessible.

In each level, you have to collect a specific number of mutagen vials, and overcome a specific number of robots that patrol the area before the time's up! 

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  • 2D graphics
  • Play as any of the Ninja Turtles
  • Very easy to learn controls

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