Urban Crazy Auto Stunts
Urban Crazy Auto Stunts
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Urban Crazy Auto Stunts

Urban Crazy Auto Stunts


Rating: 4.4
Explore the streets of your city and perform stunts as you drive your car around with Urban Crazy Auto Stunts!

Are you looking for some new car games to play? If you have some spare time on your hands and you just love to play car games for free you have to try out Urban Crazy Auto Stunts

This car game has gorgeous graphics, a nice city to explore and it offers you total freedom. You can really drive your car pretty much anywhere you like. There are also lots of ramps scattered on the map. Use them to perform crazy stunts. The only limit in this game is your imagination, so just go ahead and click the Play button and let's go!

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  • Good-looking 3D graphics
  • Lots of ramps you can use for stunts
  • Detailed map
  • Complete freedom
  • Very easy to learn and play

Release Date: August 2019

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