Zombie Combat
Zombie Combat
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Zombie Combat

Zombie Combat


Rating: 4.4
Survive this epic 3D zombie game called Zombie Combat. And shoot all zombie, monsters and aliens along with your comrades. Enjoy this epic shooter game!

Play the latest 3D fps combat zombie survival games online for free on Click to play now live this epic survival y8 game called Zombie Combat.
In Zombie Combat games you must survive another chapter along with your comrades in arms in a experimental arena filled with zombie, mutant and aliens. Choose your favorite guns from a lot of weapons laid on the ground and get as many bullets as you can.... shoot to kill and survive mass waves of zombies. Use W,A,S,D keys and the mouse to move around the playing area and try to take advantage of the land and houses and the lifts to get to higher grounds. Shoot from the top of the buildings to be in advantage and try to aim for the head to headshot the killing zombies and monsters. Make sure you reload your M 16 rifle and snipers or the Mk 48 machine gun. And have fun in this 3D shooting games and survive this epic survival zombie games to have a blast online on Good luck!
Release Date
February 2018
Zombie Combat is developed by
  • Nice looking 3D graphics.
  • A lot of types of zombies, monsters and aliens, with different abilities.
  • Large waves enemies making game extremely hard.
  • Take advantage of higher grounds to survive more.
  • Use a large variety of guns and machine guns to eliminate all monsters.