Zombie Outbreak
Zombie Outbreak
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Zombie Outbreak

Zombie Outbreak


Rating: 4.9
Zombie Outbreak it's a new action shooting flash zombies game you can play the game online for free.

In this new challenge called Zombie Outbreak games, you are one of the few survivors that are fighting for your life. After the last great war, the bioterrorists inadvertently developed and spread a biotoxin that brought the undead back to life. Two years after the fallout of the government you have managed to survive long enough to hear the details about CDC.

 In Zombie Outbreak, you must defend yourself against the undead horde as you work your way to the CDC to find a cure! So use your arrow keys and aim to kill the hordes of incoming zombies, press R to reload the gun, and have fun here on all day with new unity 3D and flash action shooting zombies games. Be the best killing machine from this new Zombie Outbreak game. As always have a blast!


  • Good looking graphics
  • Spooky atmosphere
  • Scary zombies
  • Easy to play

Release Date: October 2013

Developer: Zombie Outbreak was developed by Wanted Games

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