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KoGaMa is a 3D free-to-play multiplayer online sandbox game created by Michal Bendtsen, Caspar Strandbygaard, Jakob Sillese, and Christian Rask and is owned by Multiverse APs.

KoGaMa lets players create their own games within the KoGaMa browser and share them with other players, similar to Roblox, with the mention that KoGaMa doesn't require the knowledge of a special programming language. 

The players can create levels, 3D models, and avatars, but they can also buy 3D models from the marketplace using gold, the KoGaMa's game currency. The players can also win badges that will be displayed next to the players' profiles.

As of right now, KoGaMa has over 22 million players and around 2.5 million levels created by players.

You don't necessarily need to create levels and models to enjoy KoGaMa, many players just play the games and levels other people built. Because of this, the KoGaMa Games are difficult to place in a single game genre as they can be quite varied. Some of the types of games you can expect to play include adventure games, battle games, parkour games, platformer games, and even driving games. Here on our website, you can play a nice selection of KoGaMa titles completely for free. 

What Are KoGaMa Games?

KoGaMa Games are free multiplayer games in which the players can create games within the KoGaMa browser and share it with other players. The creation tools that are necessary for this are easy to use and are accessible to everyone. KoGaMa Games usually span many game genres from platforming games to adventure games but what they have in common is their unique art style and the fact that they are really fun to play.

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