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Are you bored out of your mind at your job, or school and don't feel like doing anything productive? Well if that's so, that doesn't mean you have to sit idle in your chair and watch the grass grow. There are things you can do while accomplishing nothing. Yes, that's right, and they are called Slacking Games. It is a fitting name don't you think? These type of online games are specially designed for situations like this which mean they are very beginner-friendly. The games are very easy to get into, you can figure out how to play them really fast, and are great for casual players too. Whether you find yourself playing an idle clicker, a Candy Crush Clone or anything similar Slacking Games is a great choice for wasting some time whenever you're bored. Also, some of the games in this category are Unblocked Games as well, which means they can't be blocked, so you can play them at your job or school. So next time you find yourself without anything to do, or just looking to kill some time, now you know where to look.

What Are Slacking Games?

Slacking Games are a category of online games that are available for free here at our website. These types of games are great for whenever you don't feel like doing anything productive but you don't want to get bored either. These games are not very challenging as they are meant to be a casual experience and are perfect for just about anyone with some free time on their hands.

Check out these Slacking Games listed on page 1. We have a total of 7 Slacking Games and the most popular are: Puppet Killer, Darts FRVR, Samurai Showdown, and many more free games. This page lists the games from 1 to 7. This list of Slacking Games received a rating of 4.48 / 5.00 from 151 votes.