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There are some games that won't leave you to sleep at night if you don't play them, and those are board games. If you are in search of something new, and refreshing and want to make your mind work, you hit the right nest. You will surprise by what you've got in the store waiting for you.  Some games are based on pure strategy, but many contain an element of chance; and some are purely chance, with no element of skill. Games usually have a goal that a player aims to achieve. Early board games represented a battle between two armies, and most modern board games are still based on defeating opposing players in terms of counters, winning positions, or accrual of points. 

So here on, you will be pleased with what games you will run into. As we said, many board games do not entirely up to you, but for the luck you've got, therefore, these board games are for everyone. Kids and grown-ups have now the chance to come together and see what these board games are about. Everyone is lucky around here, so i bet you will have the courage to win every game you play. Come with your friends and check out some really cool board games such as chess, cross and circle game, battleship, ludo, scrabble, ouija, roulette, puzzle, sudoku, and some other games. I say put your mind to work and dig a little deeper into your logical thinking. Are you ready? Set! Play!

Check out these Board Games listed on page 1. We have a total of 165 Board Games and the most popular are: Memory Heroblox, Classic Pacman 2D, 1010 Deluxe, and many more free games. This page lists the games from 1 to 54. This list of Board Games received a rating of 4.03 / 5.00 from 1717 votes.