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Deer Hunter
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Deer Hunter

Deer Hunter


Rating: 4.1
It's deer hunting season in the USA and your goal is to visit woods in several USA states and on each level shoot a certain number of whitetail deer.

If you like the wild and are good with weapons then here on we have prepared a new fun 3D dear hunting game called Dear Hunter.

In Dear Hunter, you will visit different hunting places in the hunting season in the USA states. Get ready with your sniper gun and shoot a certain number of whitetail deer to complete all fifty hunting levels. Point the gun and zoom in fast to aim your targets and eliminate them one by one time is limited. Make sure you don't scare the other white dear they will run away and shooting them will be more difficult. The further away or fastest deer will get you will get more points. Have fun and good luck with this sniper shooting game.


  • 50 intense and challenging levels.
  • Time limit and a number of deer killed needed to finish levels.
  • Decent 3D graphics.
  • Realistic physics and a dynamic damage system.
  • Challenging white dear animals that will run and jump.
  • Simple but fun realistic animation.
  • Easy and fun to play.

Release Date: June 2018

Developer: Deer Hunter was developed by GameSpot

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