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Our Disney games let you relive the magic of Disney movies and play as your favorite movie characters. We have virtually any classic character you can imagine, from Daffy Duck to Goofy. You can play scenes from movies and video games, and immerse yourself in magical worlds. Dance with Jasmine or rub the Genie’s bottle in one of our games with Aladdin. Or, cast magic spells and dress up Snow White! You will be entertained and kept on edge during all levels!Many of our challenging levels will take you on exciting adventures. You can even take characters outside of Disney movies and into other worlds! Play soccer with Donald Duck and pick apples from trees with Mickey Mouse. The fun is absolutely endless! Our Disney games also feature other challenges, like searching for hidden objects. You can also color, paint, and draw characters in other games. Go on adventures, solve puzzles, and play as your favorite movie stars!

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